Why and How to Downgrade from IOS 8 Back to Version 7

I have heard of various scenarios of people with tablets and smartphones wanting to downgrade from the latest version of the iOS operating system. I wanted to do it myself and found a link at downgradeios8.com to be very helpful to me in completing the process. One of the biggest reasons is people who want their jailbreak that worked under iOS 7 to still work. The upgrade to iOS 8 will effectively get rid of any jailbreak you have done on your smartphone. Sure, we hope for a time that we have more control over this brand of OS, but that is probably going to be a long time in coming.

The only reason I actually stick with these products that use this operating system is the massive amount of truly professional level apps that are out there for the devices. Also, the cameras and the apps that control them are better, in my opinion, than some of the cameras on the competing operating system platform of devices. I found that going to downgradeios8.com was the easiest way for me to figure out how to go back to a version of 7 that was still functional with my jailbreak.

I did not like much of the added stuff in version 8 anyway. I could hold out with the earlier version of the operating system until someone figures out how to do a stable jailbreak on version 8. Yes, it is a pain to have to do these workarounds, but I guess that is how it is going to be until the company behind these devices loosen their reigns they have on everything. I can understand them wanting to keep everything secure, but some of these limitations are clearly motivated by money at the expense of the consumer. So, for now I will downgrade back to iOs 7 from version 8.