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Memoryfoam Bed Mattress Tips

Memoryfoam beds and mattresses have revolutionized the way that many of us sleep. Memoryfoam is a space age technology that has trickled down to the bedding industry, and the way we sleep will never be the same. While memoryfoam beds and mattresses have been a great boon to those of us who require extraordinary support and reliability, there are nevertheless a few issues that are associated with sleeping on memoryfoam beds and mattresses. However, the cons are very few, while the pros are many, so the simple fact is that, for most people sleeping on memoryfoam beds and mattresses is a smart choice.

Pros and Cons About Memoryfoam Beds and Mattresses

memory foam bed mattressThe pros and cons of sleeping on memoryfoam beds and mattresses are all related to the unique properties of this scientifically advanced material. Memoryfoam was created by NASA to reduce the stress that astronauts would have to face when encountering extreme acceleration related forces (G forces). While memoryfoam was never actually put to use by the space program, it has been extensively utilized in recent years as the ideal bedding material. Memoryfoam conforms to your body like no other substance can, and you can get unparalleled joint and back support by sleeping on memoryfoam mattresses.

Of course, there is one negative when considering the pros and cons of memoryfoam beds and mattresses that must be taken into consideration. The truth is that memoryfoam is a remarkably heavy substance, so it can be extremely difficult to move memoryfoam beds, particularly if you are relocating to a new house. However, in the opinions of most memoryfoam proponents, this is a small price to pay for such a great bedding technology.

Latex Foam vs Memory Foam

Latex foam VS memory foamBoth latex foam and memory foam are great bedding materials for those who require more and better support than what can typically be gained from box spring mattresses. While both latex foam and memoryfoam are great choices for many individuals, there are some differences between the materials. If you are looking to improve the quality of your sleep, there are a few things that you should know about latex foam vs memoryfoam beds.

One of the most important considerations when considering latex foam vs memoryfoam beds is the level of springiness. Springiness is an informal term to describe how quickly the bedding material responds to bodily rearrangements. Memoryfoam has a very slow adjustment time, which increases stability; whereas latex foam has a much quicker, springier release which means that it can respond more quickly to the shifting positions of the sleeper.

Another thing to consider when looking at latex foam vs memoryfoam beds is how the beds react to changes in temperature. Memoryfoam beds tend to become softer at increased temperature, whereas latex foam has very stable firmness over wide temperature changes. There are pros and cons to both kinds of temperature response–the best choice for you will depend on your needs and personal preferences.

One real advantage of memory foam mattress when considering latex foam vs memoryfoam beds is the way in which memoryfoam responds to increases in pressure. Since memoryfoam was designed to provide consistent support across the entire body for astronauts who would be subjected to severe G forces, it makes sense that memoryfoam would be unique in its ability to provide consistent support.