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Used Car Buyers in San Diego

After a lot of deliberation, I went ahead and used part of my tax refund to use as a down payment on a new car. I have wanted a new car for a lot of year, but I figured that I would just drive my current car until the wheels fell off. At least, that was the plan until fairly recently when I saw a new car that i really wanted. What made it more enticing is the fact that it was not that expensive. I am going to try to sell my car in San Diego and see what I can get for it.Used Car Buyers

It is a pretty old car and it has a lot of miles on it. Continue reading

Protecting the Rich and the Famous

The last possible place I could have imagined to find a securty company is Beverly Hills ADT Home Security. I mean, honestly. When I came to Los Angeles to work in the security industry for residential neighborhoods, I had no idea that I would find myself being hired in Beverly Hills. The place by itself is simply a measure of security – the rich and famous live here. Sure, it might make sense that they would make for a target but why would anyone willingly risk themselves to rob from such a place? It would be absurd to think that they would get away with it.

They have around the clock police and independent security contractors myself who patrol the area. Not to mention they have ADT and other security systems apparently! All someone needs is the reputation of security to be safe. Continue reading