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Comparing the Offerings of Cox to DirecTV

It seems unthinkable that anyone has gone for long without a subscription to some kind of television provider, whether it is through a satellite provider or cable company. There are tons of plans out there and tons of different companies that offer their own take for what the experience should be like. At the bottom of the totem pole are many regional providers that generally only serve a local area. This makes it hard for them to afford the overhead of network overhauls or new technology, but companies like Cox Cable have the best equipment as shown at

The equipment ranges from the set top boxes inside of the homes of customers, which can come with everything from high definition signal to digital video recorders (DVR) and more. They even have offerings for home security and other special features in some areas, which is really proof of their advanced technology. Of course the technology is not the best part of their features, as they have several tiered channel lineup plans that put the customer in total control of what they will get. Continue reading

Why and How to Downgrade from IOS 8 Back to Version 7

I have heard of various scenarios of people with tablets and smartphones wanting to downgrade from the latest version of the iOS operating system. I wanted to do it myself and found a link at to be very helpful to me in completing the process. One of the biggest reasons is people who want their jailbreak that worked under iOS 7 to still work. The upgrade to iOS 8 will effectively get rid of any jailbreak you have done on your smartphone. Sure, we hope for a time that we have more control over this brand of OS, but that is probably going to be a long time in coming. Continue reading